06 December 2010

days 3, 4, & 5...


...in other words, the weekend.

we had a slumber party.
shawn was out of town with the basketball team (bentley & i passed on the 5+ hour roadtrip)
andrea came over to work on a little christmas project we have going.
my sisters were here to keep us company & occupy the baby.
it was a blast.
we watched White Christmas and Holiday Inn.
and we drank eggnog & polished off the dessert i had in the fridge.
we finished getting up the christmas decorations (this carried into saturday).
cut out paper snowflakes that are now waiting to be hung.
watched bentley get up on his hands & knees.

we finished out the weekend by going to the Nutcracker! it is a family tradition. my grandmother has taken me since i was four years old. now all of us attend. we may have missed a year or two, but we have been going for a long time now. this year was a little different because grandmother & grandfather couldn't come due to last minute illness. it just wasn't the same. but it was fun to take our dad for the first time! shawn also has joined us in the past years & it is quite the event.  my favorite part this year was the dance of the snowflakes.

it is monday & i have bread in the oven, laundry going, and coupons cut.
but there is a lot more to do....
fingers crossed that i get some christmas shopping done this week!
(its true, i haven't done any)


Andrea said...

we need days 6-12!

Anonymous said...

boy - not even a nod on being th
e babysitter - next time i will bring a real wreath!'signed, you ever lovin'...

Anneliese said...

mother! first i laughed because you are signed as anonymous like you are leaving hate mail. thanks for being a great babysitter!!! :) that was an error on my part, not document that. so now we have it saved here in the comment section.