20 November 2010

just checking in.

we have had a lot going on these last few weeks...some happy, some sad, some fun, some stress, but all in God's timing.
1. we made an unexpected trip to Kansas to celebrate the life of shawns grandma. we are sad because we miss her, but rejoice in the assurance of salvation & everlasting life! celine posted some precious pictures of grandma reimer.
2. because of this, shawns older brother  + wife & kids are here from california! and this weekend they are our house guests! we are crammed in, but life is good. this morning we got up early, watched dora & made scrambled huevos (our niece learned spanish & english at the same time so there are certain words that she still goes to in spanish), naturally i thought she was saying waffles for the longest time.
3. last weekend, bentley figured out how to roll from his back on to his tummy. for a few days, he teetered on his side and it was all i could do to not just push him over. now, he squirms around like it is nothing. the power of muscle memory.
4. tonight, he backed up halfway across the room, ending up with his feet under the couch. if he used that momentum to go forward, we would be in trouble.
5. i have christmas list ideas brewing in my head...
6. i experimented with flax seed. loved it.
7. it is really cold here. i haven't wrapped my brain around it & still leave the house in flip flops!
8. i don't think that i am aware that thanksgiving is next week. i'm really excited (or at least i would be if i realized it was so close). we are spoiled this year--experiencing the best of both worlds. we will be doing thanksgiving meal (which is tradition to me) here, with my family & then hitting the road for the 7 hour trek back to kansas. the whole weekend (in kansas), is full of tradition so we will be able to participate in most of it! bentley doesn't seem to mind the car ride to much. since we will be going down a day late we are on our own, which might be tough. i don't know how shawn & i will produce the four part hymns that we love to sing when everyone is in the car. last trip it was the only thing keeping bentely from crying. there are many times were we hope we aren't on hidden camera with all that singing...
9. for the first time, i said the words "he will be 5 months next week".

i forgot to show you pictures of marys visit. this was B's favorite way to sit. close to baby cousin.

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Maryclayre Dick said...

baby cousin misses bentley...she also liked when he stood on her, buns? :)
Love the update! I never get sick of seeing pictures of that little guy..hope you are taking some with his cousins!