27 September 2010

so this is what you do all day...

shawn came home early the other day to me laying on the floor playing with bentley. so this is what you do all day. i guess it depends on the day. but usually, yes. we play, we read books, we walk around. he naps...sometimes i do too. or i will bustle around to clean, bake, do laundry, make the b....whoops! baby woke up. back to playing. you just never know. my new motto is, there is always tomorrow. sometimes things just don't get done. (i am trying to make sure i at least shower while he is asleep...learned my lesson there. i have never done my makeup in the car as much as i do now! don't worry, i'm not the driver.) by the time friday rolls around i try to have accomplished what most people accomplish in a day or two. it takes us all week. so here is to a new week! and more tomorrow to get "it" (whatever that may be) all done.
we moby wrap.

we look at ourself.
we walk around & then nap (and drool).
ah, i love me a sleeping baby.
and we play!
and sometimes wear cute shoes.

ps. fun giveaway here!


swell.life said...

oooh i love the sneakers! what a sweet boy you have!

thanks so much for the link. it's really good to meet you.

Maryclayre Dick said...

I love your job! I can't wait to add skype play with cousin to your day :)

vcr said...

you're getting stuff done, just different stuff now, baby stuff, great stuff!