26 August 2010

pico de gallo

 with these fresh + organic tomatoes from my moms garden (i have also been given a bunch from our neighbors...hence why we didn't plant any tomoatoes in our garden. and by our i mean shawns. it is his project. i am stuck in this parenthesis.) i have made pico de gallo! it is so refreshing + summery.

i don't have an exact recipe.

tomatoes. 4-6...but maybe 7 or 8.
a 'bunch' of green onions
cilantro (in shawns words, to much cilantro is a rookie mistake. BUT, i suppose the amount is up to your taste)
half a lime
salt + pepper

i chop my tomatoes. not to big, not to small. just remember you are scooping them with chips.
i then chop the onions as small as i can. also, remember you are going to be eating this...so who wants a giant hunk of onion!?
i semi-chop, but more kind of rip up the leaves of the cilantro.
squeeze in the lime juice. i shake it a little bit so some of the lime pieces fall in.
salt + pepper to taste! i kind of like to be able to taste the salt flavor, but, remember again, you are using corn chips to scoop this...and they are salty!

is that vague enough? it is just one of those things you go for! and you can't really mess up.

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Maryclayre Dick said...

Yum!! i think these days I would throw in a jalepenio. I have really been loving spicy foods!!