27 August 2010

happy friday randomness.

i feel like i keep taking pictures & now i just have a conglomeration of recent photos....so happy friday! ps. i am hanging onto summer-time until after labor day. then i will let myself switch over into anticipation for fall. if you go to hobby lobby, they will try & trick you into buying  purple witches, and cute pumpkins, and a set of pilgrim people. but not me, not yet. i'm still laying out in the backyard while bentley naps....
just relaxing
from shawn. very summery & fun!
bentley getting love from his great-grandparents.
he was very interested to hear what grandmother has to say! (side note, notice how grandmother has rings, bracelets, earrings & a necklace! what a beautiful lady.)
he is really rockin' the swing these days(no slight pun intended). & a bib. he is a little bit drooly. and bibs are cute.
we have spent hours at my aunts pool this summer.
joe has been loving the googles. he can go all the way to the bottom of the pool! plus he practically mastered diving. i can't wait for next summer when bentley will want to float around with his arm floaties, or one of those giant yellow baby ring seats...

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Maryclayre Dick said...

This is my favorite post ever.