14 August 2010

bentley's first rodeo.

a few weeks ago we were in Atkinson, NE for a week. One of the nights we were there, we drove down to Burwell for the rodeo! it was really great. i have been to a lot of rodeos...and this might have been my favorite! Bentley did great, sleeping almost the whole time!
::grandma's have the magic touch!::

::89th year::
::my view::
::grandmas view::
::bentley thought the rodeo was a bit loud::

::we drove to Orchard the next night for supper::
::and ate in a barn!::
::you wondered why i specified Bentley's FIRST rodeo? he wore his jeans the next weekend to the rodeo in Springfield! (sorry, i only had a picture from my phone)::


Unknown said...

so fun! I can't believe we haven't talked about that barn! How cool!!

vcr said...

grandma kathy is the ultimate baby soother. our next move needs to be in close proximity to her.

looove the barn. must go there someday!

Kathy said...

I know a house in close proximity.
First come first gets. Ha!

John and Teresa said...

that restaurant looks neat!!