27 July 2010

1 month old

i took some quick snaps of bentley on saturday, when he was one month old. my goal is to do it every month, in this chair. i was pumped up to get a cute kid chair but i never came across one i loved/was in my budget. so this will have to do. at least it is blue for a baby boy!

ps. i really want to share my birth story. but as of now it is still an open word document with 5 unedited pages and it isn't finished. i keep pushing it aside because i love to think of certain moments of being in labor, but my most favorite memory is being done. knowing my baby was out & healthy. (i didn't even care it was a boy! all i could think of is we are done!) so sometimes the thought of going back & finishing writing it all down is overwhelming. so i will get to it. soon-ish.


vcr said...

LOVE the blue chair, can't wait to see all the month pictures. this one is precious!
...isn't is sooo hard to compress your birth story?! it's an overwhelming task.

Beth said...

It is almost better to have it on a regular size chair! It will be so fun to see how he grows. He is soooo adorable in this picture. It looks like he's dreaming of shooting a basketball. Cutie pie!!

John and Teresa said...


Amanda said...

What a great picture idea--don't you wish he would stay that little peanut size for just a little longer?!