01 March 2010

to celebrate the first day of March, i picked up a marshmallow egg at the variety store. i don't know why, this isn't a tradition or anything like that. but, it was a fabulous impulse buy & i ate it in the car. 60 cents well spent. i think this winter, more than most, i have been antsy for warm weather to come. maybe it's because warm weather means summer & summer means baby...but i also regularly day dream about lounging poolside. but good news! the weather forecast says 50 on Saturday! Shawn is going to come up with an outdoor activity.

welcome March, i'm sure it will be a fun month (if you don't let me down & get all snowy on me).

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Unknown said...

Oooo delish!
It has been nice hear...but last night I was dreaming about snow...so I woke up this morning wanting to see it! haha
I can't wait to hear your fun outside activity!