03 March 2010

24 things about my 24th week (of pregnancy) in my 24th year.

01. baby is quite active. mostly at night.
02. i out ate shawn (for the first time we have on record) at supper tonight. homemade tacos. (i'll let you guess how many i had to eat to have more than him)
03. everything makes me teary eyed.
04. i don't drink any caffeine.
05. i am addicted to anything chocolate. almost to the point of necessary rehab.
06. i've found a few "un-pigmented" hairs.
07. i don't own maternity jeans yet.
08. i need maternity jeans.
09. i am enjoying a classic vanilla candle.
10. i am reading anything i can get my hands on.
11. reading helps me procrastinate working out.
12. when i don't get to the gym, i walk/jog the stairs in our apartment. killer workout.
13. my toenails are green for st. patricks day.
14. nebraska lady huskers rock.
15. i'm more thirsty than usual.
16. i don't like the aftertaste of toothpaste.
17. we have baby names chosen.
18. sometimes i worry my doctor doesn't like me.
19. it is harder to stand up from sitting on the ground...and i do it often while babysitting.
20. i got teary eyed about not applying for a teaching position in the fall.
21. have i mentioned i cry over everything?
22. i sleep with 4 pillows. they all are necessary.
23. i day dream about floating with my belly in the pool.
24. i'm not even close to being sick of being pregnant, but i can't imagine life not pregnant.

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Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful! I love all of these points!