17 February 2010

a few things...

1. baby is now been growing for 5 months!
2. baby gets so crazy that shawn can feel it move!
3. my belly is sticking out. pregnant style.
4. i always turn the olympics on, but don't really focus in on the event.
5. i've stopped wearing makeup or jeans to babysit. babies don't care about bronzer or cute clothes.
6. don't worry, i still wear pants...comfy ones.
7. one more regular season basketball game!
8. i have been reading while my charge naps. the time passes so quickly!
9. i love grapefruit juice.
10. the bachelor is just about to get really good.
11. for some reason you've got mail & sleepless in seattle are always on tv. i always watch.
12. i could stand for a little bit warmer weather.
13. i've got to bake some sort of sweet tonight. it's a must.


summer said...

this post is full of excitement and me thinking 'oh, me too!' i'm with you, anna. on everything minus the pregnant parts. enjoy staying warm and eating sweets!

ps. actually.. sometimes i do focus in on the figure skating. it's my guilty pleasure every 4 years.

Unknown said...

I have not watched any of the Olympics...I couldn't be less interested. Why? I don't know.

If he picks Vienna I will be so mad at ABC, and probably boycott them...or maybe just the Bachelor. I watch a lot of ABC.

I can't wait to feel baby. (Her) :) pictures are nicely displayed.

I agree with the movies.

I am proud of you for going no make-up...I can hardly believe it! You are following in my footsteps :)

I like your lists.