19 October 2009


so i have all these great photos to post (carmel apples, girls night, etc).
but i have no time.

this week: helping my babysitting family move (boo), parent teacher conferences (double boo), and a day off of school + going out of town (yay!)....and that sums up the entire week!

but i'm afraid it will been seen in my blog.
i'm busy.
i wish i had time to detail every photo.
jot down all the ideas for you to read.
show a new recipe.
but i just don't see it happening.
this is my heads up. to you.

so forgive me.
and you never know, i might have some time to pop in.
because i will miss you.

love, me.


ALFIE said...

take your time.

enjoy the details.

satisfy obligation.

then hurry back to us :)

vcr said...

looking forward to the next post already. i was getting used to a daily dose of anneliese.
have a great week!