28 October 2009

i'm back!

the charlie brown special is starting...so i'll make this quick. i have been so busy! and dying to blog, but have had no time! in my head i have been mapping out how to recap what i meant to post. but i've given up. i'll just go with the ever popular picture montage so that i can feel caught up. and you can feel up to date.


     apples      +         carmel 

first of the season. kinda bubbly. but tasty! 

so there is the recap. fall things, girl party, baking. i'm sure i could talk your ear off with details. but who has time for that? on to better things! i have bananna + chocolate chip bread in the oven. i'll keep you posted on how that turns out. and i still don't have everything for my halloween costume. so i'll update on that as well.

happy wednesday! tomorrow is thursday...and crazy sock day at school! i'm so glad i (on a whim) picked up some halloween striped & sparkly socks at target.

ps. i seem to have exciting things on the horizon... i'll try and stay on top of things!

1 comment:

Maryclayre Dick said...

yay! thanks for the update!
those girls are deffinately the cutest 11 year olds ever!!