14 October 2009

happy wednesday!

There is just something about Wednesdays that I like (I also enjoy being wished "happy" something. It makes anything a little more special). I don’t know if it's because it means we made it through Monday & Tuesday or if it’s because tomorrow will be Thursday or if it is because the 2nd graders have art class today. And that makes any day a fun day.  Either way, happy Wednesday day to you! (I tried to put “ya’ll” there, but I just can’t do it. I am to mid-western. We say you, and you guys. Even when ya’ll would fit much better)  

I got the taste for some pumpkin….I wasn’t to picky on how I worked it in, I just had to have it. And wouldn’t you know, the ever-inspiring Pioneer Woman had just posted her recipe for pumpkin muffins! Well you know I had to make them.  The great thing about muffins, is you usually have the ingredients on hand! All I had to pick up was some evaporated milk & pumpkin. I chose to not use the golden raisins{I just wasn’t feeling them} and due to living in a small town, the grocery store didn’t have any ginger, so I had to omit that as well. But, nevertheless, they turned out fantastic! Everything I wanted in my pumpkin muffins.  I also decided to not make the cream cheese frosting….because then I would eat it. Never mind snarfing down two muffins, but to cover them in frosting? To much, anna. To much. So my encouragement for you today…is to make these! You know you have been wanting some. And seriously, they were very simple. And very delicious.

i left this on my neighbor/barista/...dad's coffee pot. think it will make his day cheery?

it would be better if you went to her  site for the recipe because she gives step-by-step photos as well as the recipe & baking instructions.  let me know how they turn out! 

ps. i went ahead and used the whole can of pumpkin & it filled 12 spots. you'll know what i'm talking about when you are baking these. :)

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summer said...

oh! i saw these on pw and starred them instantly. they look so yummy! now i really have to try them. thanks, anna! (i would totally pass on the frosting, too.)