13 October 2009


teacher style.

call me crazy...but i just got the bug. i didn't really know where i was going with this project, & usually i don't fall for projects like this but there is something about cold weather that keeps you inside. calls you toward fonts, papery, scissors, & glue. i loved the clean + simple lines. it is the definition of basic. 

before. (and perhaps will return to this at some point)

 i had an exclamation mark, but ran out of room. (sorry about the drastic shadow, i realized that i should have shut the closet door. oh well....)

and congrats to last weeks winners! you will be receiving some cut outs in the mail... oh wait, there wasn't a contest. but there are a few gals who will be receiving some teacher style decor. 


Maryclayre Dick said...

ooooo I love it!! How creative :)

summer said...


Andrea said...

i'm offended. i gave that frame/picture to you for your wedding.