11 September 2009

quote of the week.

(to me, this is so funny! and shawn can only handle so many 'cute' stories)

student: do you know how to spell done? (they always ask if i "know" how to spell the word, and now that i think about it, spelling isn't my strong point...how can they tell?!)
me: like "the cake is done"? (just to clarify i heard the right word and am not leading them down a rabit trail of language. done? ohhhh, yes. r.u.n.)
student: no, like "i am done washing my hands".
me: oh, that "done". d.o.n.e.
ps. yesterday i got observed. it went well. i tried not to be to nervous.

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Anonymous said...

That's adorable! It's funny to me too, probably because my best friend is a teacher. She teaches high school now, and laments the fact that she doesn't get these fun little stories from the older kids!