01 August 2009

savannah, ga

the past 5 days i spent in savannah, ga with my sister & her husband.  we had a great time! they are a perfect host pair. 

on the plane back, i made a list of my favorite memories....(in no particular order)
01. getting rained on at Tybee Island
02. browsing at Target ( i know, i know--don't they have that in omaha? but when you are on vacation, no time schedule, sipping on starbucks, AND with your sister?  it gets put on the list.)
03. changing computer backgrounds...
04. eating at sticky fingers
05. bodyboarding
06. having the guy at the movie theater tell me i was in theater 5 & and NOT theater 8 with you and darrin
07. jamming to track 4
08. darrin pulling up with my sunglasses on
09. your amazing shower
10. you throwing your sunglasses into the ocean (mine got washed away, mary felt so bad she threw hers in)
11. shopping at Fresh Market
12. watching two chick flicks in one night
13. buying my Hilton Head sweatshirt. good choice.
14. the first sip of our cherry coke after leaving the beach
15. making supper (delish fajitas... & cookies for dessert!)
16. driving to the beach at night with the windows down
17. seeing the barge on the savannah river

 thanks mary & darrin! i love you.


Maryclayre Dick said...

Oh my word, I seriously am like crying. It was the perfect vacation and we just had so much fun!

Maryclayre Dick said...

Here are a few more good memories...

18. playing Yahtzee.
19. buying a too large for one person praline.
20. splitting a delish chicken salad.
21. you making me stay up late.
22. me waking you up early.
23. taking a hot water bottle bath.
24. driving back to pooler to get the keys.
25. you helping me with laundry.
26. you counting your dang water intake.
27. me eating taffy. Darrin attempting to.
28. watching Shawn in the movie.
29. Skyping with dad.
30. just being with my siiista.
31. showing you the REAL downtown.

Anonymous said...

this makes me so happy.
especially number 10.
and all of them.

<3 caroline