06 August 2009

bohemian tote.

this is a tiny little picture...but i just wanted to introduce you to my new friend, my school bag! student teaching starts next thursday, and i need to be prepared! forget about filling out the background checks, or printing out time logs. i went to target. i got kinda sad because i am afraid that by the end of 16 weeks i will hate the sight of this bag (thats how it usually seems to go with things related to school, work, etc) but i'm hoping that since it is so fun & cute that i will love it for a long time!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I like your friend. Who cares about how you will feel 16 weeks from now. It's fun to have sometime cute to start out with. You'll have fun packing it up. You'll be a great teacher!!
Mom K.