10 June 2014

the start of summer.

before things get totally crazy around here (as if they aren't! actually, they aren't to crazy, just not many free moments), i wanted to post about carolines graduation// memorial day// & the start of our summer time days.

carolines high school graduation. 
congrats! she made it. and had a really lovely party with desserts & coffee. and a TON of people. it was a super busy weekend that kicked off with kami's friend from childhood getting married so kami was back from south carolina for that (and we attended that wedding. weddings are so cute these days!). so by monday i had mastitis. word to the wise--drink your water, don't only eat desserts, nurse frequently, & don't get to busy with a newborn. it does not end well. but thankfully, by overdosing on vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, & garlic, chased by gallons of water, the infection itself was cleared up in 12 hours. but it was a rough one! so thankful i could lay on my moms couch while everyone took care of my children.

memorial day camping.
before charley was born, this event seemed a little overwhelming. but him being exactly one month old & such a laid back baby, we went ahead & joined our family & friends for the annual trip. we went saturday morning (instead of friday night) & had a great time! bentley got to tube & fish like he had been looking forward to & had a blast with all the kids there! charley got passed around & i think slept the entire day on saturday, thus explaining him being WIDE awake from 3-5 am on sunday. luckily when he woke back up at 9 or so, i handed him off to grandma & got to crawl back in bed for a few hours.

(on the way home from camping. slept through dinner!)

summer days. 

ok! that catches us up to speed in an entirely way to brief post. but next on the docket is our trip to kansas for harvest (there isn't much to harvest due to drought, but still a great excuse to get the boys on the farm, drink some sweet tea, & hang out!). when we get back--bentleys birthday & our trip to south carolina for kamis wedding will take us all the way up to the 4th of july! i'm feeling dizzy just typing that. but i want to take it one day at a time, ENJOYING each one for what it is, whether that is a day spent in the car, a vacation day, or a day back home doing laundry.  

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