11 May 2012

father & son.

i suppose i should be posting some big mothers day round up of photos of bentley & i.
but the reason i have ANY time to post is because of the time bentley spends with his dad.
he has done a major switch over to wanting to work & watch & play with his dad whenever he is home.
if he hears any creak out of the back door, he runs sprinting to it, yelling DAD!
the last couple of nights, i have been working on things inside (or, maybe just browsing facebook) & i will realize that it is pitch black outside.
and the guys are still out there.
so i will go poke my head out,
and yep, they have the head lamp on & the screwdriver, just working on the gutters.
or there they are, tools everywhere, bright lights shining, under the pickup.
bentley still gets rushed inside when ever he is hurt.
he needs ME for that.
and i can usually find the best snack.
or matching socks.
but dad, he plays the best with trucks, and tools.
just what our little boy needs.
both "texting"


Andrea said...

That is so cute!! I can't wait for jedidiah and Dj to have that relationship!!

summer said...

this is so perfect, anna! your two guys look great together! i love how you mentioned only having time to write this because B is hanging out with dad, so true :)