24 May 2012

23 months.

you are getting to big for this.
no time for photo shoots.
the buttons on your onesie are snug.
you have places to go & people to see.
your legs are tan & scratched up.
i'm shocked that the bottom of your feet are so clean.

you have been adding "ie" or "s" to the end of words (birdie, buggie, phonie. popsicle-ie.  shakes, snacks, mickeys {micky mouse jammies}).
you ask for strawberries for every snack.
we have been out, so i have felt bad saying we don't have any!
but we got more.
and today...you asked for crackers.

you give real kisses & hugs.
you don't like saying good-bye.
your eyes get red rimmed & you try not to cry.
but we remind you that we will be able to come back/ our friends will come back over to our house.

you love to talk about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
you hear e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
even things you shouldn't hear.
like people saying gosh.
and now you do too.
but we don't allow it.
so we work on saying oh boy instead.

you are friendly, saying "hi lady" to wal-mart employees.
you get awkward.
you have go-to jokes to break the silence.
"weed whackar!" weed whacker.  it's hilarious every time you say it.

you smash bugs.
you run really fast.
you say "mom watch" so you can show me something new.
or something you have done a million times.

you are growing so fast.
in a way, it's ok.
because every month
you give us a look into who you really are.
and who you are becoming.
and it is amazing.

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Beth said...

sweeet sweet special boy!! Happy 23 months!