12 January 2012

Today, we...

  • got up early
  • babysat played with some new friends (21 mo & 4 mo brothers)
  • proved we've still got it when it comes to swaddling
  • drank coffee
  • had organized snacks & lunch time
  • impressed our friends with elefun
  • daydreamed what it would be like to have twins + a baby
  • it was do-able. actually, better than that. 
  • everyone passed around pacifiers. and bentley doesn't usually take one.
  • covered the living room floor in toys
  • and quickly cleaned them up after the boys left (so that we didn't get discouraged & leave them. forever.)
  • changed 8 diapers.
  • remembered what a little baby smells like.
(i was nervous going into today, but we really did have a ton of fun! phew.)


Maryclayre said...

Your blogs make my day!! What fun things you have going on!

Beth said...

I love the last montage of sunlight in focus (sunrise or sunset?), then frost in focus. Nice, Anna!

Anneliese said...

thanks, AB! (ps. sunset)