08 January 2012

as the dust settles...

in my mind, this post was going to be about how we are recovering & moving on after the holidays. and in a way, we are...but it has now been over a week since the new year started, and we are no where near recovered. there are bags that still need to be unpacked from traveling to kansas, mounds of laundry that needs to be tackled, CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS TO BE TAKEN DOWN, thank you notes to be written, gifts put away, house to be cleaned,outdoor christmas lights to be taken down (phew, at least one of us is on top of our to do list), & we are still taking long naps to catch up from the late nights/early mornings!

but it was all so fun. and so worth it.

pictures from my phone:
pop in atkinson (the weekend before christmas)
paper chain (i went a little wild with the holiday print trader joes bags)
B enjoying the box my christmas present came in (dishwasher!)
late night run to wal-mart!
diy banner
classic cookies
out family christmas
joe & bentley in their white shirts & ties for the christmas eve service
moose hat + mittens! he is obsessed.
taking a nap in his new shoes
christmas morning! on our way to grandmas house!
sleepy adelynne
cousin angelina & bentley in their towels after a bath
light up christmas tree!
happy new year!
yes, bentley was up after midnight.

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