19 December 2011


while getting our newsletter ready to be mailed, i did what any desperate good mom would do...get everything & anything out to keep my child entertained.
1. crayons
2. letter/number magnets
3. raisins
4. yes, the tupperware trays & paper sacks are out too.

the crayons, magnets, & raisins were all jumbled together. i thought, in attempts to regain some order in our shambles, that if bentley had larger containers he could pick up easier.

and this is what i turn around to see.
a tower being built.
and let me tell you, we don't build towers! i mean, at least i have never sat down & done this with him.
always keeping their moms on their toes.

(i promise, B wears clothes. there is just usually a long transition time between jammies & the outfit for the day...)

1 comment:

Maryclayre said...

I LOVE it!!!! What a sweet boy. And who really likes clothes anyway?