11 November 2011

on the go.

this is where bentley has spent most of his time this last week...
and he was a trooper.
we made a quick trip to kansas.
shawns grandpa passed away...it is sad for us, because we will miss him.
but so awesome to know he is with jesus. and his wife.

we will be making the same trip in less than 2 weeks for thanksgiving...

things to add to our car entertainment stash:
more balloons. (even though B actually LIKES popping them)
glow sticks. um, you can't see toys when you are driving at night!
fruit snacks
new ipod apps for kids
box of kleenex to play with

any other good ideas?


vcr said...

not sure if this is good parenting or not but a box of cookie crisp cereal...the boys seriously think they are eating cookies. (as if its any better than eating a cookie? lots of sugar!) if it occupies them for a little but than that makes us happy:)

Kathy said...

Yes, Celine, sometimes that is true, whatever it takes. Whew, made it 10 more miles. Ha! I'll try to think of some more things to occupy him. Thanks all you guys for always making the effort to come. It is fun to have you all. Andrea is going to walk to Harvest, that might take quite a bit of entertainment.

Beth said...

A box of bandaids! You can clean up the mess later. Remember how you sat for a long time going through all the bandaid boxes at gms? You probably don't remember because you were little! haha, but it was great fun.