30 November 2011

o christmas tree!

this year, we went to the prairie pine plantation to pick out our perfect christmas tree. in years past, we have bought our tree from a store, but this year we were excited to be able to cut our own tree down (not personally, there is a guy who does it for you.)

 all snuggly & warm in the all-terrain wagon!

 they give you a stick to measure the height of your tree.

i feel like we look the same...

 perfect tree #1. (they failed to tell us that if there was an orange tag on the tree it was already spoken for)
 if you could see his face, he has a giant smile, refusing to look at me.
 bentley really thought we should get this one.
 organic ornaments.
 our tree! 7'2 scotch pine
we had so much fun picking out our tree!

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