21 November 2011

ladies inservice.

on saturday night, andrea (and thanks dj, for using your power tools!) supplied us (shawns parents were here this weekend) with the idea + supplies for our first craft project of the season (just wanted to see if i could squeeze in another set of parenthesis in this sentence)!
our sweet little joseph, mary, & baby jesus!

(what the boys were doing. mario cart.)

(i know, i know, we are SO wild on a saturday night.)
(why am i using so many parenthesis in this post?!)
(we actually did have lots of fun. went out to eat, browsed target, and then came home & crafted.)


Camella said...

i LOVE the craft! turned out sooo cute! and no need to convince me that you actually had lots of fun. that's my kind of night w/the girls!

Andrea said...

mario kart="menservice"

vcr said...

i'm with camie...thats my kind of night!!! how fun!

and nice andrea, menservice.

Kathy said...

Thanks Andrea. Easy, but fun and short. (To long for Bentley) He would have rather helped in the woman's inservice.