15 September 2011

today, we...

made pancakes for breakfast.
wore sweats & sweatshirts to keep warm.
were shocked at how cold 52 is in september. (it would be a heat wave if it was march!)
did a few chores,
watched a little veggie tales.
drank some apple cider. (ok so one of us had warm water + apple juice in the sippy cup)
(i)held a sleeping baby...for a long time.
blew our nose. (yes, you heard that right. the little nose too)
played outside. and by outside i mean in the car. B loves driving!
at some fritos as our afternoon snack.
waited for dad to come home. (while playing, or really while doing anything, B will stop, look up & yell for "DA!")
ate supper at grandpa tims. stew + lemon pepper. yum.
turned on the furnace (don't judge. its freezing in here! way below the comfort zone.)

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