07 September 2011

end of summer.

shawn & i have dubbed labor day weekend as the end of summer.
(which means i have now been burning this little baby...)
and i have now let my mind wander into the realm of pumpkin, baking with apples, hot cider, football ( & all the game snack ideas), sweatshirts + shorts, hot coffee/ cinnabon creamer (almost done with what appears to be my last batch of iced coffee for the season), and everything else fall-ish. (side note: i am aware we live in nebraska...so as soon as you switch your mind set, and wardrobe, it will for sure be 90 degrees again)
oh, and what else is exciting about september? 
mary & addy are going to come for a visit!
anyways, that also means that i need to clean up a few summer photos off my phone...so here we go!

tiny bentley. at target.

going to the park has been our favorite!

times like these i think, i have lost complete control.

"helping" push on walks!

were not a baby anymore. this is how we roll.

i love the 30 seconds later pass out.

see the secret bracelet? he snuck it.

we still snuggle.

at grandmas! so big!

enjoying the new, fall weather!           

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