29 August 2011

saturday in the park.

doughnuts & coffee.
in the park,
on a saturday morning. 
does it get better than that?

my mom + the 3 youngest sibs + me & b made a trip to the town us older kids grew up.
we made a pit stop at the bakery, (um, hello? plastic juice & milk containers? WHERE ARE THE CARTONS?!)
and then on to the park.
now, i will say that NONE of the playground equpiment is the same from when i was a kid.
and i suppose, it would be rusted, falling apart, and a general safefy hazard.
but it still is a little bit sad. 
but the new, brightly colored equipment makes up for it.
and judging by how B & the 9 year old bro played,
it's pretty rad.

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