24 August 2011

14 months.

:: loves to give kisses::
will trick you, and turn it into a giant raspberry.

::wants whatever we have::
i literally just had to get up so B could have MY chair. it seemed important to him.
a pop cup is a treasured item.
or my water bottle.
and cell phones are awesome.
or just food in general, he is getting better at trying a lot of things (but it is always better off your plate).

::walking tornado::
bathroom drawer.
linen closet.
end table drawers.
toy box.
book shelf.
kitchen cabinets.
we finally got child proof locks for the trash can/ cleaning supplies, that is saving us from some bad messes.

hide & seek. he hides, you seek(hint: a favorite spot is on the far side of the bed).
he shoots hoops with his mini basketball hoop!
drives his tractor.
drives his car.
reads books.
eats books.

loves to go outside! will run to the door as soon as he hears the word mentioned.
crawled up onto the kitchen table today...

goes into his room to play toys or read books.
gets very frustrated that he isn't strong enough to lift dads free weights (and moms hand weights are way to girly).
likes to help push the stroller on walks.      

we love our bentley!
such a daily joy to live with.

(these are some pictures from today, it's no blue chair, but documentation nontheless.)

crawled onto the table!

i secretly observed him from the doorway. and yes, the vibrate is on.

shooting hoops with dad! he HAS to have his own ball.

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