07 July 2011

we have...

been swimming...
B loves it! sticking his face in the water, splashing, keeping his eyes closed most of the time because it is to sunny.

had fifths disease. not near as serious as it sounds, but i got it too. apparently i am one of the few adults who never had it as a child...the symptoms are slightly worse as an adult. it hasn't been super fun.

celebrated the 4th! we had a fabulous weekend! it was everything the 4th of July should be. swimming, family, food, fireworks...and to top it off, B enjoys fireworks! i think the sparkle out weighed the noise.

now we are looking forward to more summer fun...continuing this weekend with the music man at the amphitheater (remember we have gone there before? oklahoma, south pacific, music man)

happy weekending! 
keep enjoying your summer!
(what are somethings that make a good summer day for you?)

{thanks, andrea for capturing some of our pool fun!}


Anonymous said...

is he going to play in the nba or be the next michael phelps??

Beth said...

great pics, Andrea! splashers