13 July 2011

about a month ago, pioneer woman posted about the perfect iced coffee (feel free to read her version to get more info/ the whole story/ who doesn't love reading pw). anyways............i was excited. then extremely overwhelmed. ::i don't have a pound of coffee/cheese clothe/the container to store it in if i did/ room in my fridge/cute square cubes/half n half :: so there went my excitement out the window. i talked to my sister about how i had wanted to make this, & she had just done a little experimenting on her own--cutting the recipe in half. i was re-encouraged to come up with something that was more manageable & this is what i came up with....

summer iced coffee (& can i say it is so exciting to know this is waiting in the fridge for you each morning?!)
1 1/4 cup dark roast coffee
2 quarts water

1. stir together & let sit for at least 8 hours. i did mine overnight!
2. strain. i used a mesh strainer, twice. the second time using a paper towel as a filter. i think next time i make a batch i won't use the paper towel. i felt like i could taste it? call me crazy.
3. store in the refrigerator in an sealed container.  pw says it lasts for quite sometime, but with this smaller quantity you should have nothing to worry about!
4. pour over ice, add some coffee creamer, & drink with a straw! 


Anonymous said...

my mom saw this on PW and made a huge batch. and gave derrick and i a whole milk jug full. we are LOVING it.

Maryclayre Dick said...