25 April 2011

10 months, easter, 200.

 here he is, mr. 10 month old.
mr. personality,
mr. cutie pants,
mr. i-like-to-hit-the-tv-to-see-if-i-will-get-in-trouble,
mr. hungry,
mr. chatty,
mr. pay-attention-to-me.

he is our sweet baby, who is getting dangerously close to not really being a baby.
but you didn't hear that from me.
sometimes i wonder who we have on our hands.
i know god will do something big with him.
he is going to be that guy.

 we finally got a high chair! B is loving picking up pieces of banana & sweet potato!

 and what else did he figure out? how to push/walk behind his car! one would assume, from watching, that the car is self-propelled. Bentley hangs on for dear life, his legs just barely keeping up.
 and here are my handsome guys. B was 10 months on easter.
and yes, we have matching ties.
shawn wouldn't have it any other way. 
i love easter.
i was born on easter.
i love that we set aside time to remember exactly what we believe in.
i process things way differently this year, having my own son.
i can't image what Mary went through. watching her sweet baby.
i love that we dress up, in our best, for church.
i love making a dessert to take to easter dinner, on saturday night while the ten commandments is on.
charlton can be so dramatic.
why is moses an easter movie?
i love that my baby is wearing a tie. and that i am not 29 weeks pregnant, like i was last easter.
not that that isn't great in its own way, but combing over your little boys hair is much more fun.

happy 10 months, bentley!
happy easter, all!
and yes, this is my 200th post.


summer said...

love this!! what a beautiful fam. what did you make for easter dessert? :)

Anneliese said...

summer! i kept meaning to tell you! i made your blueberry pie bars! BUT, i only had a 9x13, so they were a lot thicker. but still tasty! i was so nervous the whole time they were in the oven, make a dessert for the first time/ you have to take it with you in the morning is nerve racking!

Anonymous said...

im glad you liked some of the pictures we/i took...(:

auntanneneemann said...

Bentley is sooo adorable!! And so are his mama and dada! I have always wondered why The Ten Commandments is an Easter movie too. haha