30 March 2011

things bentley does.

we have recently started walking up to the park! this last week it got to cold again, but bentley (even though it never appears so) LOVES the swing! i have always taken him out before he was done because i didn't want him to get to cold. i can't wait to sit in the sunshine & let him swing away to his hearts content.  

i now find him in the oddest places (don't get me wrong, usually he is right at my feet) but here he is exploring his closet!  

bath time is still fun(for bentley, work for whoever is attending). everything in his mouth. the only issue now is always wanting to stand up! the bath kind of freaks me out, like he is going to slip & slide & crash his head. big time.
newest favorite game. pull the books out! so if you want to borrow a book, it is going to look like a puppy chewed up the corners. i take a book away, he pulls another one out. what is amazing to me is that every day he remembers they are there, and how fun it is. (the funniest thing about this game is the random books we have on this self, half of which i didn't even realize we own.)
is this hilarious or what. how classic! i turn my back for one second, he is playing with the rack, turn back around and he is practically inside! those spices, by the way, are now on a different shelf. 
 on saturday, this is what i came home to. dad & baby had slept in, got up, hung out...and then baby fell back asleep.

so that is that.
i just felt like i had all these odds & ends pictures of times when i quick grab the camera during the day. 
have a fab wednesday.
i am going to clean the bathroom,
walk to the post office with B (why do we always get wrong mail in our box?! not the same people or addresses, mind you),
make cake + strawberries + cool whip = strawberry short cake for our party with the basketball girls,
and work out at the Grace gym (yay for an elliptical machine),

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Kathy said...

i looked at the first picture, smiled and said, "Yep" and the next, "Yep" and each one brought a smile. Bentley is very normal. Cute for us that look on. Makes mom busy. You're doing a great job!