16 February 2011

valentines day 2011-recap.

woke up.
had to decode the secret message.
which meant finding the 9 hearts scattered throughout the house.
you can only imagine where the rest of them were!

found the grand prize. heart shaped box of chocolates. i'm that girl. give me chocolates & i am happy. well, i also got some conversation hearts. they too make me happy.
we (B & i) went to grandmothers.
we spent the afternoon playing & munching & receiving valentines.
aunt anne bought this bib before B was born! i'm so glad i remembered it, hanging in his closet.

trying to help cousin. or steal her cookie...

new valentines toys?!

this was found on a scrap piece of paper...written by unknown grandchildren. actions speak louder than words, but words written on scrap paper can mean a lot too.

and then we had date night!
there was a dinner @ church...we thought it would be a good opportunity to socialize with other couples from church.
baby stayed home with caroline.
he ate bananas.
i love a chance to go on a date...but i love coming home to our little friend who is anxiously waiting!
yes, that is a giant balloon. shawn is romantic like that.

annnnnnnnnd, for your viewing pleasure, the photos that i had to send in for the slide show at the valentines banquet.

i am lucky to be married to a romantic & thoughtful guy.
another fun valentines day in the books.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

1. I love the pictures with cousins...what a fun party!
2. Shawn is an ole romantic :)
3. That is definitely kami's and my handwriting, although I don't remember writing it!! So glad it got framed.
4. You were 22 when you got married, and I am about to turn 22...and my hair is the same length as yours was!!
5. I love your wedding photos, you both look SO good! That was a good day.
6. Look at B's teethy! And your hair is beautiful!!