24 January 2011

7 months.

 this little guy is napping as i write. i didn't get a chance to weigh or measure- i will update when i do.
update: 19 1/2 lbs. {7 month old boys are hard to weigh. i gave up measuring...the squirmy}

7 months.
how time flies.
you go from rocking a tiny baby, supporting their neck & head, wrapping them tightly in a blanket, to swinging your boy around because he laughs, making sure he isn't unplugging cords, swiping up every crumb before he notices it, and spooning in some sweet potatoes--cause all he wants is to try a bite. of anything.
bentley still loves to read books!
he plays toys on his own for a while, when he notices he is alone he will crawl into the kitchen to find me.
or sit & yell loudly.
either works for him.
he is pulling himself up on everything! he will even use a book (so like an inch off the ground) to put his hands on & then stand his legs straight up. he is then in an upside down 'V' position.
maybe he just likes to do some baby yoga.
yesterday, he tried sweet potatoes. his first food. he didn't quite know what to think.
his teeth are still coming in...all THREE of them!
he hasn't seemed to mind to bad.
he still is as social as ever...loving all the basketball games, when his aunts & uncles come over, seeing people at church, etc.
his sleeping is still sporadic. maybe once we get into a little bit more food he will stay fuller longer.
his laugh is contagious. the cutest thing you have ever heard.
what a guy.


Maryclayre Dick said...

When you figure out hot to put a video on here, PLEASE put one of him screaming! Cutest thing ever!!

You have got to stop combing his hair over. My heart can't take it!!

Those chair pictures are all so good!!


Andrea said...

worism. lol.

i can't type mine. it's looks like a bad word.