22 December 2010

christmas break

well, i think this is going to wrap up our posts for december! 
i am going to try & get pictures up of 6 month old bentley...which is christmas eve!
(he got an early christmas present from his aunt & uncle...it may or may not include a santa hat...)
i still have christmas shopping to do.
i have a giant christmas present surprise sitting in my living room.
i have a lot of wrapping to do. 
but that is ok because i love wrapping christmas presents!
i have some baking to do.
i have sweaters to iron.
and packing to do.
the day after christmas we head out to shawns parents house! 
and then from there down to kansas for new years!
how are you supposed to know how many diapers to pack?!

happy Christmas eve-eve-eve! 

1 comment:

Andrea said...

i counted your "eve's" to make sure it was right! i have a book called "The night before the night before Christmas" which i will give you one year when bentley is older and you can read it to him on the 23rd.

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!