17 December 2010

5 years ago...

...i got a phone call.
two actually.
it was a saturday, i had worked all day at House of J.
all day i had been planing on going down to UNO to watch my cousin play basketball.
but you know how it goes, you work all day, have your hair up, don't really feel cute.
and you know how it goes, you always see people from high school when you are at UNO.
and you know how it goes, mom always needs a last minute babysitter.
so i decided not to go.
i remember sitting in the kitchen with my sisters.
the phone rang.
it is fuzzy on who answered that little white cordless phone.
i'm sure they know.
it was aunt kerri.
she needed my cell phone number.
i told them, just hand me the phone, tell her i'm right here.
she said she would just call us back.
so she did.
to tell me that she had given my number to shawn.
you remember shawn, right?
i guess i had seen him one other time, but we hadn't talked.
well she thought we would have fun if we went out, since i was back on christmas break.
she also didn't know if he would even call.
i was nervous.
don'tcha know my phone rang.
it was a number i didn't know.
(remember how those old motorola phones had that little phone icon that would ring back and forth? i can still picture it).
it was shawn.
we didn't really even have small talk because we had never met!
he said, so how are you doing?
we then set up a date (eeks, a date?!).
for monday, two days later. (why not, it was christmas break after all. doesn't everyone go out on a monday?)
then we hung up, he said he would think about plans & get back to me.
needless to say the rest of the evening consisted of screaming, freaking out, & trying to find something to wear. 


Kathy said...

And.....we are SO thankful for all those events. We love you in the family.

Andrea said...

i got the nervies just thinking about waiting for a phone call and seeing that little phone (in black because cell phones weren't in color back in the stone age) wiggle back and forth. aahhh!!