05 November 2010

halloween 2010

really, the pictures will say it all.
we had a costume party.
there were a lot of people (i think 38 was the final count?).
we had snacks.
we had fun.
we had a photographer. 
 and we had a frog.

marge simpson aka andrea won best costume. yes, those are cotton balls.

mr. clean

the princess & the frog

our house. most of the year we don't have a haunted front porch.

can you figure out who these two are?

and shawn was "sloth" from the goonies. cute, i know.


John and Teresa said...

how fun is this?! we never dress up on halloween because it seems like none of our friends like to. maybe we'll mosey on down 144th next year :o) and how did you do your front porch?

Anneliese said...

teresa! start planning your costume now because you are invited to our party!! my brother-in-law had the idea for the porch... he built the front & they just went from there!

beth said...

Andrea - your costume was AMAZING! Congrats on the win!