17 September 2010

friday notes.

i can't believe it is the end of another week! i guess the days fly by when i have chores that don't get done, and i say, well, there is always tomorrow.

::bentley was 12 weeks Thursday.
he loves to read books & talk.  the other morning, he was waking up & we were talking. he was so expressive & excited. i started telling him we need to take his socks off that he had slept in...i must have made more of a frown when i was saying it...his lip stuck out & he started to cry a very sad cry! ooops! i have a sensitive baby! i told him it was ok to sleep in his socks & it wasn't a problem. he was instantly back to smiles!

::we have been attending high school volleyball & football games! my sisters play volleyball & one of them is also a cheerleader!
at last nights game, bentley was getting fussy & tired. joe, (my 8 year old brother)was observing my mom hold him & try to get him to settle down. she finally just said to me that all he wanted was to eat & fall asleep (there is no tricking this boy into anything else once his mind is set...) so i took him & joe instantly tapped me on the shoulder and handed me my nursing cover! it just broke my heart at how precious it was! he was totally aware of what needed to be done so he took it upon himself to dig into the diaper bag to help out. i guess if he doesn't care that i'm nursing in the gym, then i don't either! his wife will someday thank us.
sidenote: yesterday morning i was talking to my sister about how i wanted to use christmas money (yes, i am thinking about christmas presents?) and i told her i really wanted and need a watch. i was debating about what kind i would choose but i said i would probably get a silver watch with a thick band and a big face. well, at the volleyball game my aunt was there...and had a really cool watch with a thick band + big face. i complemented her on it...AND SHE TOOK IT OFF AND GAVE IT TO ME! i forgot. she is like that. i couldn't have felt more blessed. it was just what i had been wanting. needless to say, i'm wearing it now.

::this week i have been loving::
coffee + cinnamon bun creamer
homemade bread (with freshly ground whole wheat flour)
organizing things that no one sees
boxing up maternity clothes, putting away TO SMALL baby clothes (ok, i'm not really loving that. it is kinda sad)
kleenex (are your allergies as bad as mine? sadly we still have the a/c on because fresh air is death!)

ok. i better finish my to-do list because i have ran out of days! my week is over! i also better shower while baby naps...
::things left to-do::
tidy up the living room
finish laundry
write 3 letters, mail them.
go back to wal-mart & get the sack that i didn't get (argh. they were nice in saying they would hold it at customer service, but it is a tad annoying that it didn't get put in my cart. i didn't want to be rude & double check if the cashier had got them all. i should have.)
go to Take2. a consignment sale that family friends of ours have. i have worked for them pre-baby & i know they have tons of stuff! crossing my fingers for some good finds.

happy weekend! we have some family coming in town & they will meet bentley for the first time! i'm excited.
Go Huskers!


Maryclayre Dick said...

I love my daily talks with Bent!
I love his little sweat pants...so cute!
I love that creamer too.
A.B is awesome.

beth said...

anna, so sweet! YOU guys are the best...

John and Teresa said...

wow, that was so sweet of your aunt!! and bentley sports the husker gear well! i wasn't sure if shawn was a fan or not. is he from kansas or do i have that totally wrong??

Anneliese said...

teresa...you are close! his mom is. so we have family in kansas, but he was born & raised in NE...a major husker fan!