24 September 2010

3 months.

weight: 14 1/2 lbs

attempted measurement: 27 1/2 inches

loves: smiling, reading books, swinging, talking, his mobile, mirrors, car seat toy, talking baths, watching the computer, being held.

sleeps: on his tummy, with two blankets. the monitor is set to static & i turn the mobile on 'heartbeat' sound effect. (that is on a timer & goes off) the record is 7.5 hours. (now i am the one who needs to learn to sleep though the night. i wake up startled that i haven't heard him crying. as if that is possible.) he starts off the night in his crib & usually ends up sleeping with us after that. naturally i get kicked out of my spot & have to try to squeeze in where i can.

eats: a lot. takes a bottle just fine. he is usually insulted by a pacifier. there is no food in that, why are you thinking i would want it?!

wears: just starting in on 3-6, but still fits into most 0-3. unless it is footie pj's. then they are way.to.short. size 2 diapers.

fun facts: B has one extremely long eyelash on his left eye. his nails grow fast. he gets ear wax. he sneezes at least once a day. he gets goosebumps.

i can't believe it is already been three months! i have a three month old. i can't help but thank God every night for the sweet little boy he has given me. i love being his mother.


Maryclayre Dick said...

and you are a great mother.
love these fun facts!

Kathy said...

And where is this fancy studio? ha

Tesa said...

I just LOVE the photos in the blue chair. Adorable.