10 March 2010

we are...

i had a revelation in the shower the other day ( a lot of light bulb moments seem to happen in the shower) that we are sports people. let me explain, i had just been feeling a little sorry for myself because we never go to concerts. but then it hit me, we don't really want to go. while everybody else is over the moon with their John Mayer tickets, i hadn't even known he was coming to town. while everyone else is making plans to see Michael Buble, I am wondering what is latest hit is...or if he still just sings songs from his first album (if that is the case, i better get myself some tickets!). but what we do make time for are sporting events. last weekend we went to the girls state basketball tournament. not to really watch any team in particular, just to go. this weekend we will be doing the same with the boys. sports are just a part of our life...no way around it! the first time i saw shawn was at a high school basketball game. the first time he called me was at half-time of a basketball game...our third date was to a Creighton basketball game. need i go on? 

my point. i'm ok with this. and it has made me feel better to recognize & enjoy the passion that we both share for sports. my goodness, last year we went to bolivia, south america to play basketball! we better like it.


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Unknown said...

This is all very true! It is nice to define yourself by the things you as a couple like, not what other people like. You know me and Darrin would not be at that game, but maybe at a movie or something...but that is okay! That is why you marry your best friend :) Thanks for the update!!