26 January 2010

this is my new little friend. if you recall, a while ago i was complaining talking about my current nanny job & how it wasn't quite the fit i was looking for. well, God decided it was best for all if he drop another family into my lap. these people with a 10 month old baby girl. so far, so fabulous! i really feel that this family is a better fit...plus who doesn't like hanging out with a chubby little baby all day! it will be good practice too.

my mother-in-law came across some maternity clothes this weekend (from a girl she knew) so i picked up quite the selection of bottoms! capris, shorts...i'm set! shawn was very disturbed by the elastic waist....i, on the other hand, thought they looked fabulous. 

i think i can feel the baby move! at night (oh no, not a good sign). it is pretty exciting though! apparently now, in the 19th week, little baby beans can hear my voice! i'll have to make sure i'm saying nice things. nicknames so far (assigned by my sisters) for the baby are kj (kami junior. i know. eye roll, eye roll), rugsie (short for rugrat because that seems very cruel), shawn only refers to baby as junior, and in my head it is baby beans. 

the feeling good streak is also continuing! yay! i also am getting my taste back for coffee...don't worry, it is almost always decaf. so anyone who wants to bring me a mocha is welcome. and maybe throw in a muffin. baby is hungry. 

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