01 October 2009


wearing my halloween shirt today.
painted my nails black.
reading amazingly classic halloween books in school.
planning my costume.
baking apple crisp.
planning a fall slumber party.
going to the pumpkin patch.
sorting through the tubs (getting out the masks).
burning my fall candle.
wearing my north face.
going on walks & bike rides.
leaving the windows open.
waking up cold.
watering my mums.
drinking coffee.
needing to get apple cider.
celebrating grandma reimer's 91st birthday(via card & tiny package).
attending bon-fires.
sleeping in a cabin. 


vcr said...

keep the posts coming. love them!

ALFIE said...

love all the october things!! i was a little hesitant about fall at first because i seriously love summer...but i've totally come around to it and am so jazzed for the coming months!

saw your post on dwell! so excited that you're joining summer & I! can't wait to start digging in!!

Maryclayre Dick said...

sounds like an amazzzzzing october already!!!! i love fall time in nebraska! it has always been my favorite!

Hannah said...

i love those things too! mmmmm...october smells. they are a must.

marta said...

mmmm. walks and bike rides, candles, cider and more. your list makes me happy it's blustery outside.