22 August 2009

first week of school!

 room 208         mrs. washburn & mrs. kliewer

Well, I made it through the first week of school! We have 20 students in our class (we had 21, but one already dropped out---to another school). My cooperating teacher is just wonderful! She is so sweet & smiley…but really brings the hammer down when needed.  I think that she is going to be a wonderful example to learn from. I am really excited!

In my student teaching journal I have created a section “things to note” here are a few tidbits.  I think that I will find the most blog worthy material in this section.  So I will be using it from time to time.

-       -I have cute new shoes from target.  I also have new (not so cute) blisters covering my feet.  ß this actually turned out to be an exaggeration, I only have one blister on my heel.

-       -The surge protector started to buzz & smoke. Haha! (one girl said she was sure the whole room was going to start on fire)

-       -2nd grade teachers only drink diet mtn. dew.


Andrea said...

why is your teacher 4'10? i swear she was taller at Mahoney. (or as David Goodwin would say, Ho-nee-muh park.)

John and Teresa said...

I'm so excited for you! I always wish that I had gone into teaching. And I love your observation that "2nd grade teachers only drink diet mountain dew" -- so funny.

summer said...

anneliese! oh my goodness. i didn't even know that you had a blog until just now! what the world?! anyway, i'm super excited about this. congrats on having the first week of school under your belt. woohoo!

ps. i saw your comment on my last post and just wanted to clarify that green works is the stuff that does NOT smell good! nature's source is the orangey-good stuff. i would feel so bad if you got stuck with the yucky stuff.

Hannah said...

that is a big class. (or...it seems like a lot of kids to me.) You look like a darling teacher. i am sure they love you.