09 June 2009

we're back.

i'm sorry that i didn't post as many times as i would have liked to while we were in bolivia. things were hectic---but great! the trip was a complete success, despite the setbacks getting there! we had a super group of guys and i think that everyone had a good time. we brought back 2 trophies, one dunk-contest champ plaque, and a first place medal! so things went well all across the board---from working with the kids, to playing in a small tournament.

some of you may recall that we were supposed to have a quick stop over to costa rica after

bolivia. due to the immigration officers not accepting our medical release forms for yellow fever shots, we were sent straight back to miami. that was a sad and very frustrating afternoon, but we are trusting that god has a plan---even if it is hard for us to understand. we were so excited to spend time with jason, lindsey, & shelby. i'll admit it, i cried...for a while...

after making it to dallas, spending the night, and then coming back into omaha this morning we are finally home---with all of our bags. i know that this is going to be a super fun summer and can't wait for the things to come! (thompson basketball camp, remier harvest in kansas, dj & andrea's wedding, trip to savannah, trip to adventureland, etc!)

here is a link to some photos from our trip!http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.php?pid=30145162&id=151700056


Maryclayre Dick said...

Thats what I kept thinking, God has a plan! But what a fun summer you have ahead...if you have time you guys should seriously go out to Blair with Dennis and Kathy, you would have a lot of fun!!
Thanks for updating your blog, I check it everyday!!
When will you be getting your Macbook??

Anneliese said...

after we get back from kansas!